On what day is “No Pants Day” celebrated?



Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2:51 PM

On what day is "No Pants Day" celebrated?

  • March 29th
  • First Friday in May
  • First Monday following April 1st
  • April 14th

March 29th9.09%


First Friday in May52.1%


There is no historical record to consult for the origin of "No Pants Day." It is generally seen as originating in the mid-1980s, with its initial celebration taking place on the first Friday in
May. The story goes that a man asked his wife to iron his pants one morning because he had an important meeting at work. He was running late, however, and so stressed over the impending meeting that he left home without his pants. When he realized his error,
he was on the train and unable to go back, so he simply pretended there was nothing wrong and went about the business of his day. Thus, "No Pants Day" was born. Source: HolidaysCalendar.com


First Monday following April 1st28.9%


April 14th9.92%